The Grognard Rage is Strong with This One

Our great friend Christy (“don’t call me Christy”) Mayfield (we must stop calling her Christy, we know she hates it) is upset.


Christy (oops!) – sorry! *blush – Christine is still upset about the existence of anything other than Classic Traveller in the SF RPG world, and about the fact that the grognard rage she posts whenever and wherever she can on Teh Internetz has not resulted in the instant demise of all third party publishers who use the Traveller SRD and Wizards of the Coast’s Open Game Licence (OGL) as the basis for their products. Does she mean Universal Machine? Shurely shome mishtake, ossifer?

Despite Universal Machine’s previous clarifications in relation to her complaints about publishers who use the Traveller SRD to make their own products, it seems she is not able to take that on board and is, once again, complaining in the Classic Traveller Facebook group. Here’s her latest bout of grognard rage into the wind:

Let’s take a closer look at that, shall we?

“Cepheus Engine/Universal Machine/2d6 SciFi/” Were too lazy and stupid to design our own game”

Ah, name calling. The universal sign of an individual’s ability to engage in rational, adult, socially acceptable conversations.


The third party publishers produce a large amount of original material that includes new rules. Gypsy Knights Games Clement Sector products contain rules and idea that are not in the first or second edition Mongoose Publishing Traveller Core Rulebook and are also not in the Traveller SRD (note the legitimate and allowed use of the word “Traveller” there, by the way).

P.S. It’s 2d6 Science Fiction System Reference Document (2d6 SF SRD), or d20 Scif Fi (d20 SF), not “2d6 SciFi” – that doesn’t exist.

“so we stole Mongooses”

“We stole Mongoose’s” what, exactly? Milk from the doorstep? Post? Wife? (she’s lovely, by the way, great cook too!) Guinea pigs? (nah, jk lol We wouldn’t steal Matt’s piggies, they’re super-cute. No way.) So, what has been stolen from ‘Mongoose’, and from where? We are assuming Christy – dammit! – means Mongoose Publishing, but: We. Could. Be. Wrong.  #dah-dah-daaaahhhh! Is she saying that using something that is free is actually stealing? But the Traveller SRD is  available from multiple location on Teh Interwebz, and it’s free, too! Result! Sorted mate, innit!

“and piss all over their trademarks

Piss? All over a trademark? That’s not actually physically possible on Teh Internetz and there’s no documented evidence of any trade mark infringement, anywhere. Does she cite her sources? No, of course she doesn’t, because she doesn’t have any. The RPG publishing world is actually quite small, so any threats of or actual legal action being taken by a well-known publisher such as Mongoose Publishing in relation to trademark infringement would be known about very quickly.

P.S. Hi Matt! How’s the weather in Swindon today, sunny we hope? Remember to keep them piggies in the shade mate! Luv ya mate! Cheers! Universal Machine.

“is fully endorsed by Marc Miller”

That’s not actually what Marc Miller said, so that’s a lie by Christy – aarrgggh! – right there. Marc gave his blessing only to Cepheus Engine but not to any other system using the Traveller SRD. Marc only produces  material for Traveller5, and there are very few T5 licenced publishers. “Fully endorsed” doesn’t actually mean anything so Universal Machine is not sure what she means by that. It is best that Marc respond to that point in the Classic Traveller Facebook group, as he is a member there and he is mentioned by name.

“and the Traveller community.”

Hmmm. That’s not actually true either, and she is a case in point. If the whole of the Traveller community supported CE/UM/2d6SF SRD, there wouldn’t be any posts such as those made by Christy (oh no, Universal Machine wrote it again! sorry!) and, just looking at that one thread in the CT Facebook group, there is at least one other person who thinks/feels the same as Christine (phew! got it right at last!).

“Is this true? Does this group endorse CE and the talentless hacks who think copying an SRD”

Ooh cutting. Universal Machine will let the Classic Traveller Facebook group answer that one.

“and recycling old GDW products makes them game designers?”

None of the publishers have recycled any of GDW’s material. Once again, no sources cited.

“Do you, Marc, knowing full well they are illegally indicating compatibility with Traveller inside every product and on every product page?”

Marc can answer that one in more detail, but, just FYI Christy, it’s not possible for any third party publisher to produce a product that states it is compatible with any edition of Traveller. The terms of the OGL specifically exclude making such statements, and the OGL is on the last page of the Traveller SRD v1.1.

“I’d like to know if a bunch of spoiled 6 year old boys are giggling behind my back while I try and participate here.”

You would have to find and then ask the spoiled 6 year old boys, Christy; there’s none here.