Universal Machine

Universal Machine is an independent publisher of science fiction role-playing game materials.

The Universal Machine Science Fiction Role-playing Game System

The Universal Machine science fiction role-playing game system is based on a simple core mechanic, in which players roll two, six-sided dice against a target number (typically 8+), with modifiers for characteristic/attribute scores, skill levels, and advantage/disadvantage. Players generate characters by creating a basic character, then fleshing out the character’s background before joining a career. Characters spend time in their chosen career known as “terms” which are 4 years long. Characters can change careers, gain ranks and skills and accrue equipment and cash before beginning play. There will also be rules for building vehicles, starships and star systems, along with equipment lists, and rules for combat, psionics and animal/creature creation.

Universal Machine Products

Universal Machine will eventually consist of a core rulebook, which will contain everything players and Referees need to begin adventuring amongst the stars. There will also be a Player’s Guidebook, which will contain everything a player needs to generate a fully fleshed out character before beginning play. The content of the Player’s Guidebook will be included in the Universal Machine core rulebook.

At present, Universal Machine Publications is writing and perfecting the individual careers for publication in the Player’s Guidebook and core rulebook. Some material has already been released, such as the basic character generation process, physical appearance rules, family background rules, and university and post-graduate education options. The planned careers, for which art has already been commissioned and produced, include:

  • Army
  • Broker
  • Free Traders
  • Navy
  • Marines
  • Merchants
  • Noble
  • Other
  • Psionicist
  • Scouts